Summer Trial 08-06-19 Regs & Entry Form

We’re pleased to announce a new event that isn’t on our calendar. We are organising a sporting trial on the 8th of June at Ashley Farm, Lifton (MR201/395842) by kind permission of Paul Webber. Ashley Farm is the same site that was used for the Northgate Trial in March.

Summer Trial 2019 Entry Form (19 downloads) Summer Trial 2019 Regs (23 downloads)

Scrutineering starts at 1pm and the first car starts at 2pm. The event has a late start to assist people who are travelling down from up country.


May 2019 Newsletter

Once again a new month appears and I have to think of how to fill the space on the page especially as there is a bit of a lull in the competition events within the club. As I am sat here typing this I have my nestbox camera monitor switched on and looking at four newly hatched baby Sparrows, yep it’s Spring, the babies have barely hatched and the parents are already feeding.

Club Annual General Meeting, this was held at Tresmeer Village Hall on the 4th of April, it would be nice to say that we were bursting at the seams with volunteers for all the posts of office but no one would believe me anyway. We did however manage to vote in a new Chairman and Secretary so that was a bit of a result. Peter Cooper is now the new chairman and Andy Prosser is the new secretary, contact details for them can be found on the club website. Thanks to both of them for stepping forward.

The club owes a big thanks for outgoing Chairman Warin Kelly and to the outgoing Secretary Pat Gomm, these two people have been the mainstay of the club for more years than they probably wish to admit, to say that we are grateful for all their years of hard work is an understatement. So once again Thankyou to both of you!

The Motor Traders Trial is due to be held on July the 7th at Waterloo Farm , North Petherwin. Regulations for this should be out soon, I will probably have more details for you in the June newsletter.

Thoughts and pre-planning is under way for this year’s Tamar Trial in October, it seems a while off but it will probably come around all too soon, and there will be other events in the meantime.

I attended the Dellow Register AGM last weekend so we gave the camper van a wash and made a weekend of it in the Cotswolds, a very lovely area of which to be honest I knew little of so it was good to have a look around, one of the things I gleaned was that I can’t afford to move there. Whilst away the home rugby team the Cornish All Blacks were in a play-off match for promotion to the next league. Nigel Cowling sent me a text at half time of the score, we were losing 0 to 19, then he sent me another at full time and we’ve won 33 to 22, I would love to have heard the mid match team talk !!

In the garage I have added to my collection of scooters with another Lambretta, this time a model Lui, this boasts an earth shattering 50 cc’s and three gears to choose from, not that it shattered much riding around my yard.

Over the Easter Weekend Mike Wevill and I did the Lands End Trial in the Dellow, to say it was a contrast to the previous year is an understatement, last year we drove through heavy rain, snow covered hedges and flooded roads.

This year we were followed by a beautiful full moon on the night run and glorious sun in the daytime, I’ve never done the Lands End in such warm temperatures, you would think we would be grateful but it brought its own problems with intermittent fuel vaporisation. When we got to Perranporth Roger Bricknell suggested putting a wedge under the rear of the bonnet to increase air flow. Top man, this actually made a difference and we romped up Bluehills 2.

When we got to the finish Mike and I were congratulating ourselves in that we had a clean sheet barring one possible misdemeanour, just over a week later we got the results and we are relegated to the “also rans”, you know what they say about counting chickens. On the positive side the supercharger worked well.

Our Club President Robin Moore wrote a very interesting article (see attachment) on Ruses Mill which was printed in the letters column of the Cornish & Devon Post newspaper, a real piece of motoring history, well done Robin.

Some of the notable results of the event

Class C Dave Craddock, Best in class
Class D winner Simon Urell/Julie Williams
Class 7 Winner Peter Tudor
Class 4 Winner Dennis Greenslade
Class 3 Winner Andrew Martin
Class R Gold Ray & Rosemary Goodright
Class R Silver Andy Smith & Joe Caudle
Class R Silver Simon Oates & John Werren
Class O winner Motorcycle Phil Hingley, despite breaking down three times on the way to the start. His brother Ian had the misfortune of breaking down at Barbrook at silly o’clock in the morning and had to wait 12 hours for recovery.!! Although the kind people in the filling station did look after him with cups of tea and a comfortable chair to sit in.

Not quite the same hospitality at the start venue car park at Plusha! I was somewhat disturbed to hear that some competitors who parked their vehicles overnight were hit with heavy fines/penalties. It seems that these were picked up on the security cameras and dealt with somewhat harshly.

I suppose it is a question of were they warned of this in the final instructions, the galling thing is that they most probably spent money in one or other of the two establishments there.

All for now J.T.
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Hill climbs at Ruses Mill From Robin H T Moore: THE Post, dated March 21 printed an image of a Bugatti climbing the hill at Ruses Mill in Launceston, whilst taking part in a competitive event. So much has changed over the last 90 years, that at a glance 1 questioned where or not the photo depicted was actually of Ruses Mill, for I have known this place for over 60 years, and in my time has always had a metalled surface.

I contacted Barrie Kiuton, archivist of The Motor Cycling Club (MCC was founded 1901) and also checked records from my own collection, and I am able to confirm the venue as Ruses Mill, first used by the MCC as part of the Land’s End Trial of 1930 when the picture was taken.

Ninety years ago the surface of the hill was nothing more than a rough muddy track making it difficult for motorised vehicles to find enough grip to maintain forward motion, This caused a problem for many competitors taking part in this 1930 event. Failing to maintain forward motion on a nonstop ascent incurred a penalty.

Competitor number 365 as depicted was one of the those that failed Ruses on that event: The car appears to be a Type 44 Bugatti entered by Col 1.M Giles of the Bugatti Games club, Col Giles was a regular competitor in the MCC events, including their timed high speed trials held on the outer circuit at Brooklands, where he averaged 84.41 mph in the 1931 event, In one such competitors, Giles actually beat Lt Col, Goidle Gardener of At one time Col Giles became interested in the 1913 chain-driven five litre Bugatti which Miss Guy Cummings had driven in sprints. This famous car known as “Black Bess” is persevered to this day.

The Motor Cycling Club’s three long distance reliability trials, The Exeter to Edinburgh Land’s End, (classic trials as they are now known) still take place annually, attracting large entries. The Lands’ End taking place this Easter will once again see Ruses Mill included in the route for some of the classes to tackle, maintaining tradition and the heritage of this event.

The Motor Cycling Club have always enjoyed the goodwill and support of the residents, family community and the parish council of this annual invasion of motor sport enthusiasts, maintaining the history and containing enjoyment of many persons, particularly those taking part. In conclusion, readers may be interested to know that for the 1930 Land’s End, Ruses Mill was the first hill to be tackled after the Launceston time check, and where competitors were allowed a one and a half hour lunch break, having parked their vehicles in the Guildhail Square, the first competitor being due at 10am. The route car stated: Proceed without waiting to Guildhall Square. Park as directed. Sign and lunch at Town Hall. Control from timing point to start after lunch. Well there’s food for thought.


April 2019 Newsletter

It’s April and here we go again with another action packed newsletter, or just my usual drivel!

On the 29th of March we held our Annual Awards Presentation at Trethorne, there was a good attendance and awards officer Nigel managed to off load a quantity of the club’s silverware including a new award in the form of the LNCMC “Triple”. This was awarded to Ben Tonkin for class wins on 2, 3, and 4 wheels, well done Ben, I can’t imagine we will be giving out too many of these for such a notable achievement.

On Sunday the 31st of March we held the Northgate Sporting Trial at Ashleigh Farm, Lifton. There was a good entry of 13 competitors on what is a fairly new venue for us, it is a superb site and we have by no means used this to its full potential with a lot of unexplored ground available. Conditions for the event were dry and with sunshine virtually all day it made for a very enjoyable event. Unfortunately almost at the end of the day Jon Fack sustained a very unpleasant injury to his hand needing hospital treatment, this is a reminder that as the signs say “motorsport is dangerous” and whilst we see the signs it is only when something goes wrong that we really take heed of it. On behalf of the Club we wish Jon a speedy recovery.

The event was won by Alan Baker from Gloucester, a full view of the results can be seen on the club website here

Next up is the Club Annual General Meeting to be held on April the 4th at Tresmeer Village Hall, PL15 8QT at 8.00pm. There will be the usual election of officers and most important two very long standing committee members wish to stand down, so we need two candidates for the role of Chairman and Secretary. These are both fundamental positions for the general running of the club, please give it serious consideration.

The bar in the hall will be open and there will be nibbles.

The next event on the calendar is the Motor Traders Trial on the 7th of July, regs for this will be posted on the website a little nearer to the time of the event.

As we approach Summer there are thoughts of rallies etc, if you know of or are involved in one please get in touch with me and I can give it a mention to demonstrate motoring experiences in the round. I spent last Saturday giving the Lammie a run out to the Teignmouth Scooter rally, with a round trip of just under 150 miles it was a very enjoyable ride, with one exception, the padding on my seat is no longer sufficient so I am now shopping for a more comfortable saddle.

I have been back in the garage doing battle with the supercharger on the Dellow, it is now all up and running I merely have to get in some road miles to do the last bit fettling which mainly comes down to which carburettor spring works best. Looking back at the project the bit that was the most challenging was getting a belt tensioning wheel in place which was easy enough to adjust without fouling up other workings around the engine. On the third attempt I think I have it sorted (for now) but we shall see.

With just over two weeks to go before the Land’s End Trial I would like to think I can be confident in getting to the finish, but it’s tricky driving with your fingers crossed.



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March 2019 Newsletter

Yet another month whizzes by and I find myself back at the keyboard trying to think of interesting things to tell you of what’s been happening in the club and wider. February the 10th saw the annual Launceston Trial ably put on by Nigel and team.  Myself and Andy Prosser went out to marshal and somehow managed to do three hills with only one minor incident (well minor to us as it wasn’t Andy or me who collided with a tree) fortunately the unlucky rider wasn’t too badly hurt but it will probably a couple of weeks before he is back on the hot seat again. The event had a very good entry of 48, with a nice mix of 2, 3 and 4 wheeled vehicles. The Club is very lucky in having such a large area of woods to use and as always are very grateful to Mr Newman for allowing us the use of it. Well done to all the organising committee for putting on a first class event, and allowing me to get home in time to watch the second half of the England rugby match : enough said.

Launceston Trial 2019 Final Resuls –

On the 28th of last month we held the Special Meeting at Trethorne with a very good turnout of 46 people from far and wide. It was encouraging to see such a turn out with delegates from various clubs and organisations, all sharing a common concern for grass roots motorsports, I will leave it to our chairman Warin Kelly to give you the full overview.

On the 29th of this month we will be holding our Annual Presentation of Awards and (free) buffet at Trethorne. This is a very sociable evening and hopefully award winners will make the effort to attend which all helps to make the evening more enjoyable for the organisers as well as the winners of various coveted trophies.

The club AGM will take place on the 4th of April , this is your chance to come along and voice your opinion on how the club is run, someone could even take over the job of writing the monthly newsletter  if they so desire,(caution : pigs flying) or maybe stand for a job on the committee.

Meanwhile in the garage things have not been moving at the planned pace, the engine is still out of the Dellow, and whilst the supercharger is actually bolted to the engine after much faffing at making brackets etc. that’s about as far as it has got due to a series of unplanned absences from the garage, but I am now hoping to get back in there and get things moving.  My entry for the Lands End Trial is in so by hook or by crook I have to get the project finished and maybe even tested, could be a bit of an eleventh hour job mate.


Points Raised in the Open Meeting on 28th Feb 2019
The meeting was well attended by nearly 50 people,from at least 10 clubs as well as representatives from Motorsport UK, ASWMC,and ACTC. Discussions covered a wide range as the notes below indicate

Current Concerns
It was agreed that entry numbers are dropping except in a few areas such as Autocross and Quads.
Financially entry fees are not a problem but vehicle upkeep and repairs are.
More clashes of dates with different disciplines and clubs.
The sport is not seen as P C.
There are more people working at weekends.
Cooperation between Clubs and Associations
ASWMC are no longer holding their dates meeting as there had been such poor attendance.
 There is no control over what dates clubs use.
 Clubs and Disciplines need to work together on this to reduce clashes.
Time needs to be built into the Calendar to allow for repairs and rests between events.
Regs vary from Club to Club and Trial to Trial. This makes it difficult especially for new competitors.
Clubs could work together to co-organise events. This is common with hillclimbs and rallies.
There are too many rules and regulation and they need updating and simplifying.  Class structure needs modernising e.g. for sidecars and quads.

MOTs should be necessary for all vehicles even in off road events.  This helps to take the onus off the club and onto the competitor to present the vehicle in a safe condition. Some insurance companies are now requiring exempt vehicles to be MOT’d.  A show of hands at the meeting indicated that this should be put to Motorsport UK.

There is a lack of marketing and profile of the sport.

We need to get youngsters attracted to the sport so they will become spectators and then competitors.

Competitors want to be able to make late entries to events as happens with bike events- this involves more paperwork being carried out at signing on.

Better deals are needed with Insurance Companies.

Make events more friendly for modern cars e.g. SUVs, traction, slip diffs and front wheel drives. 

It was not thought there was a future for electric cars in our sport at present due to expense of vehicles, and the cost and number of batteries required for a road event .

New Types of Events
Evening Events e.g. grass auto tests
Inter-club competitions
Camping Events.  Saturday afternoon, camping overnight, and continuing on Sunday
Touring Assemblies
Taster Events (I event per year per discipline)
Treasure Hunts.

 It was a useful meeting though there was little interest at the end in forming an informal group to take matters forward. However it was agreed hold an open follow up meeting on Thursday  23rd May 2019.  at Trethorne Leisure Centre  7.30pm.for 8.00 pm by which time people will have had the chance to report back to their own clubs and get further thoughts.
If you will be coming to the meeting please ring me Warin Kelly on 01822 870393, or Pat Gomm on 01566 784348,so that we can get an idea of numbers.
In the meantime please feel free to post any ideas on our club face book page.
Or send them to John Turner at who will be happy to include them in our monthly newsletter.

Our AGM on the 4th of April will be held at Tresmeer Village Hall. At 8.00pm.

  • Having served in their respective posts for many years Warin Kelly and Pat Gomm here by give notice that they will not be standing for re-election.
  • Also needed is a Motor Cycle Rep as no one on the present committee is an expert on this part of our sport.

With the Club coming up to its 100th anniversary next year it will be good if younger members.

28th of February Open Meeting at Thethorne 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start.

28th of February Open Meeting at Thethorne 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start.
This is just a reminder that there is a special meeting tomorrow evening to discuss “The Direction of our Grass Roots Sport”.
The meeting will take place tomorrow at Trethorne ( ) which is easy to find (Map Ref 201/ 284833). 3 miles west of Launceston turn off the A30 onto the A395 and in 100yds R into Trethorne. Keep R along drive to the Leisure Centre where there is some parking. There is also more parking to the left of the Drive.
The meeting is 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start.
The Agenda is not yet fixed but will include:-
Cooperation between Clubs
Management of The Calendar
Age profiles of both competitors and Organizers
The costs of competing
New types of Events
Follow up

28th February OPEN MEETING at Trethorne update

This is a reminder that the purpose of setting up this meeting was,and still is, to provide an opportunity for members of our club, neighbouring clubs, and representatives of the organizations we are involved with, to come together and start a conversation about “The Direction of our Grass Roots Sport” and ways to come together to make its existing or new forms more attractive to both competitors and organizers.

Sorry that may sound a bit pompous, but it is clear from conversational comments and reports that there are problems with what we do now and we need to look at the future.

In early January I sent email invitations to as many local clubs, as I thought might be interested, whose emails were listed on the ASMC website, as well as to ACTC, BTRDA, MCC.  I may have missed some people but I know word has also got around, and I hope as many of you as can will come to the meeting.

The Agenda is not yet fixed but will include:-

Cooperation between Clubs

Management of The Calendar

Age profiles of both competitors and Organizers

The costs of competing


New types of Events

Follow up

Trethorne  ( )is easy to find (Map Ref 201/ 284833). 3 miles west of Launceston turn off the A30 onto the A395 and in 100yds R into Trethorne. Keep R along drive to the Leisure Centre where there  is some parking. There is also more parking to the left of the Drive

If you will be coming please ring me Warin Kelly on 01822 870393, or Pat Gomm on 01566 784348,so that we can get an idea of numbers, and make sure we have a big enough room

If you are unable to attend but have any comments on this matter please feel free to post them on our club face book page.

Or send  them to John Turner at who will be happy to include them in our newsletter.


One a bright note our Launceston Trial this Sunday in Lew and Eastcott Woods ( Map Ref 201/ 461846) has an entry of over 40,  which is great for a non championship event.

 If You have not entered come along and Marshall. It is a great off road day out in the woods and the Burger Van will be there all day. We even have a swimming pool at the start for the Masochistic (don’t be tempted!)

Warin Kelly

01822 870393

February 2019 Newsletter

 Monthly Newsletter February 2019

Here we are already into the second month of the year and just to remind us all it’s Winter we as you will know have experienced significant snow fall but at least it isn’t on a weekend when we have an event planned.

From the club committee members point of view it has been a disappointing start to the year in that we had to cancel the Spry Sporting Trial due to lack of entries. This cancellation makes it even more important that members and non members attend the special meeting on the 28th of this month at Trethorne to discuss the future of our club and the activities/events it puts on. The meeting starts at 8.00PM with tea and coffee being available from 7.30pm. For those travelling from afar there is a restaurant within the complex should you wish to indulge in something more substantial before the meeting.

On the 10th of this month is the Launceston Trial, held as a single venue classic trial for cars and bikes at the Eastcott Woods area not far from Lewdown, entries are due to close by the middle of the preceeding week so if you wish to enter you need to get a move on, the easiest way being the on line entry system via the club website. Those of you who are not entering and have some time to spare we are hoping you will volunteer to marshal, Warin Kelly is sat by the telephone awaiting your call on 01822 870393. Go on ring him, make his day !

2019 Calendar of Events

February 10th Launceston Trial Lewdown

March 29th Presentation of Awards with buffet at Trethorne, + Films

March 31st Northgate Sporting Trial, Ashleigh , Lifton

April 4th Club AGM, all welcome

July 7th Motor Traders Trial, Waterloo Farm, North Petherwin

August 11th Testing Production Trial, Cannaframe

September 15th David Ayers Sporting Trial, Trevilla Farm, Marshgate

October 20th Tamar Classic Road Trial

December 28th Ron Beer Sporting Trial, Harrowbarrow

As you can see the committee have a full range of events taking place throughout the year, but it has to be stressed that this is run by “that same old committee” in other words it would be great to have a few new faces joining us if only to keep us awake during some of the less interesting items in the meetings (not that there are many). Why not come along to the AGM , if only to voice your opinion on aspects of the club workings and maybe throw in a few fresh ideas.

In other news – after my mention in the last newsletter of possibly boosting the Dellow’s performance with a supercharger I was amazed at getting some responses which were much appreciated (even more proof that some of you read this minor offering) and I now have a Shorrock Supercharger on the garage workbench waiting to be fitted. It seemed such a harmless idea to fit a blower but as with all these things the job grows. It won’t fit on the side of the engine next to the inlet so it’s going the other side once I have finished mounting the alternator on the opposite side from where it has happily sat for the last six years. I am however very fortunate to have a small engineering company next door to me, neighbour Joe made me a lovely three belt pulley, all turned out of a single piece of steel bar, no going back now.

If you’ve got a specialist small engineering job that needs doing I can highly recommend these guys :-

Stay warm and don’t forget to send in contributions



Launceston Trial 2019 Regs and Entry Form, Ron Beer 2018 Results

The regulations and entry forms for the Launceston Trial 2019 are now available to download below.

Launceston Trial 2019 - Car Regs (154 downloads) Launceston Trial 2019 - Motorcycle Regs (194 downloads)

Launceston Trial 2019 - Car Entry Form (90 downloads) Launceston Trial 2019 - Motorcycle Entry Form (141 downloads)

This single venue classic trial for both motorcycles and cars is held in Lew & Eastcott Woods, Near Lewdown (approx. 10 miles from Launceston) and will take place on Sunday the 10th of February.

Ron Beer 2018 Results

The Ron Beer 2018 results are available to download below;

Ron Beer 2018 Results (82 downloads)

Many thanks from the club to landowner James Tancock and all the marshals. We hope the competitors enjoyed the day and hope to see you at Trevilla on 27th January 2019. LNCMC