May 2019 Newsletter

Once again a new month appears and I have to think of how to fill the space on the page especially as there is a bit of a lull in the competition events within the club. As I am sat here typing this I have my nestbox camera monitor switched on and looking at four newly hatched baby Sparrows, yep it’s Spring, the babies have barely hatched and the parents are already feeding.

Club Annual General Meeting, this was held at Tresmeer Village Hall on the 4th of April, it would be nice to say that we were bursting at the seams with volunteers for all the posts of office but no one would believe me anyway. We did however manage to vote in a new Chairman and Secretary so that was a bit of a result. Peter Cooper is now the new chairman and Andy Prosser is the new secretary, contact details for them can be found on the club website. Thanks to both of them for stepping forward.

The club owes a big thanks for outgoing Chairman Warin Kelly and to the outgoing Secretary Pat Gomm, these two people have been the mainstay of the club for more years than they probably wish to admit, to say that we are grateful for all their years of hard work is an understatement. So once again Thankyou to both of you!

The Motor Traders Trial is due to be held on July the 7th at Waterloo Farm , North Petherwin. Regulations for this should be out soon, I will probably have more details for you in the June newsletter.

Thoughts and pre-planning is under way for this year’s Tamar Trial in October, it seems a while off but it will probably come around all too soon, and there will be other events in the meantime.

I attended the Dellow Register AGM last weekend so we gave the camper van a wash and made a weekend of it in the Cotswolds, a very lovely area of which to be honest I knew little of so it was good to have a look around, one of the things I gleaned was that I can’t afford to move there. Whilst away the home rugby team the Cornish All Blacks were in a play-off match for promotion to the next league. Nigel Cowling sent me a text at half time of the score, we were losing 0 to 19, then he sent me another at full time and we’ve won 33 to 22, I would love to have heard the mid match team talk !!

In the garage I have added to my collection of scooters with another Lambretta, this time a model Lui, this boasts an earth shattering 50 cc’s and three gears to choose from, not that it shattered much riding around my yard.

Over the Easter Weekend Mike Wevill and I did the Lands End Trial in the Dellow, to say it was a contrast to the previous year is an understatement, last year we drove through heavy rain, snow covered hedges and flooded roads.

This year we were followed by a beautiful full moon on the night run and glorious sun in the daytime, I’ve never done the Lands End in such warm temperatures, you would think we would be grateful but it brought its own problems with intermittent fuel vaporisation. When we got to Perranporth Roger Bricknell suggested putting a wedge under the rear of the bonnet to increase air flow. Top man, this actually made a difference and we romped up Bluehills 2.

When we got to the finish Mike and I were congratulating ourselves in that we had a clean sheet barring one possible misdemeanour, just over a week later we got the results and we are relegated to the “also rans”, you know what they say about counting chickens. On the positive side the supercharger worked well.

Our Club President Robin Moore wrote a very interesting article (see attachment) on Ruses Mill which was printed in the letters column of the Cornish & Devon Post newspaper, a real piece of motoring history, well done Robin.

Some of the notable results of the event

Class C Dave Craddock, Best in class
Class D winner Simon Urell/Julie Williams
Class 7 Winner Peter Tudor
Class 4 Winner Dennis Greenslade
Class 3 Winner Andrew Martin
Class R Gold Ray & Rosemary Goodright
Class R Silver Andy Smith & Joe Caudle
Class R Silver Simon Oates & John Werren
Class O winner Motorcycle Phil Hingley, despite breaking down three times on the way to the start. His brother Ian had the misfortune of breaking down at Barbrook at silly o’clock in the morning and had to wait 12 hours for recovery.!! Although the kind people in the filling station did look after him with cups of tea and a comfortable chair to sit in.

Not quite the same hospitality at the start venue car park at Plusha! I was somewhat disturbed to hear that some competitors who parked their vehicles overnight were hit with heavy fines/penalties. It seems that these were picked up on the security cameras and dealt with somewhat harshly.

I suppose it is a question of were they warned of this in the final instructions, the galling thing is that they most probably spent money in one or other of the two establishments there.

All for now J.T.
E mail

Hill climbs at Ruses Mill From Robin H T Moore: THE Post, dated March 21 printed an image of a Bugatti climbing the hill at Ruses Mill in Launceston, whilst taking part in a competitive event. So much has changed over the last 90 years, that at a glance 1 questioned where or not the photo depicted was actually of Ruses Mill, for I have known this place for over 60 years, and in my time has always had a metalled surface.

I contacted Barrie Kiuton, archivist of The Motor Cycling Club (MCC was founded 1901) and also checked records from my own collection, and I am able to confirm the venue as Ruses Mill, first used by the MCC as part of the Land’s End Trial of 1930 when the picture was taken.

Ninety years ago the surface of the hill was nothing more than a rough muddy track making it difficult for motorised vehicles to find enough grip to maintain forward motion, This caused a problem for many competitors taking part in this 1930 event. Failing to maintain forward motion on a nonstop ascent incurred a penalty.

Competitor number 365 as depicted was one of the those that failed Ruses on that event: The car appears to be a Type 44 Bugatti entered by Col 1.M Giles of the Bugatti Games club, Col Giles was a regular competitor in the MCC events, including their timed high speed trials held on the outer circuit at Brooklands, where he averaged 84.41 mph in the 1931 event, In one such competitors, Giles actually beat Lt Col, Goidle Gardener of At one time Col Giles became interested in the 1913 chain-driven five litre Bugatti which Miss Guy Cummings had driven in sprints. This famous car known as “Black Bess” is persevered to this day.

The Motor Cycling Club’s three long distance reliability trials, The Exeter to Edinburgh Land’s End, (classic trials as they are now known) still take place annually, attracting large entries. The Lands’ End taking place this Easter will once again see Ruses Mill included in the route for some of the classes to tackle, maintaining tradition and the heritage of this event.

The Motor Cycling Club have always enjoyed the goodwill and support of the residents, family community and the parish council of this annual invasion of motor sport enthusiasts, maintaining the history and containing enjoyment of many persons, particularly those taking part. In conclusion, readers may be interested to know that for the 1930 Land’s End, Ruses Mill was the first hill to be tackled after the Launceston time check, and where competitors were allowed a one and a half hour lunch break, having parked their vehicles in the Guildhail Square, the first competitor being due at 10am. The route car stated: Proceed without waiting to Guildhall Square. Park as directed. Sign and lunch at Town Hall. Control from timing point to start after lunch. Well there’s food for thought.


Spry 2019 Regs and Entry Forms

The regulations and entry form for The Spry Trophy Trial 2019 are now available to download below.

Spry 2019 - Car Regs (60 downloads) Spry 2019 - Motorcycle Regs (45 downloads)

Spry 2019 - Car Entry Form (47 downloads) Spry 2019 - Motorcycle Entry Form (45 downloads)

Unfortunately, we won’t be making use of the online entry system for this event as it normally has low entry numbers.

The trial will take place on Sunday 27th January 2019 at Trevilla Farm, Marshgate, Camelford, PL32 9YN (Map. Ref. 190/145911) by kind permission of David Langley.

Motorcycle and Car Entries Close on the 24th of JANUARY 2019

LNCMC October News

Welcome to the October news, all of a sudden the weather seems to have changed from a sunny September to blustery wet October, but many people will not be too unhappy with that with various trials looming upon us it will make the hills a little more interesting. We recently held the David Ayers sporting trial and thanks to Mike Wevill for the report below.
Launceston & North Cornwall Motor Club held a MSA and BTRDA National Championship Trial at Marshgate on 16 September as part of the Cornish Trials weekend.
Competitors came from as far afield as Yorkshire and Kent. Whilst the entry was relatively low it did include two former British champions.
There was a mixture of grass and woodland over 21 hills on steep but firm dryish ground.
Low scores were the order of the day on a closely contested event.
Eventual winner was John Fack who managed to beat his twin brother Jerome by just 1-point double driving the same car.
Local man Alan Murton was close behind to manage a superb joint third place. Alan’s performance was even more impressive given that he had to work on the car until midnight the night before having to rebuild the front end which had been wrecked in the previous day’s trial. M W
Our next event is the Tamar Classic Road Trial, entries are already coming in and with a re-vamped route and start venue it has all the promise of a very good event. Signing on will be at Tresmeer Village Hall where the hall volunteers will have arrived at 6.00 am to prepare breakfast for all the competitors, so eat well, but please make sure you thank them, or they will be blaming me for a loss of sleep and grumpy customers. The event requires a large amount of marshals and it would be really appreciated if any volunteers could phone Mike Wevill 01566 784451 It would help to make his life just a little easier.( I would have enclosed his e mail address but he can never remember it).
On the 27th of December we hold our Ron Beer Sporting Trial at Harrowbarrow near Callington, it will give you a chance to get out in the fresh air and blow away the Christmas cobwebs, again marshals needed please.
I recently passengered for the first time on a Sporting Trial, I was Mike Wevill’s passenger on the Robin Alexander Trial, a very enjoyable day although at my age I have to admit to not being quite as adept at rolling around the car in strange positions which included getting far too close to Mike, neither he or I have mentioned anything of it since.
To all intents and purposes I have the Dellow ready for the long haul to Derbyshire for the MCC Edinburgh Trial this weekend, I always look forward to this event with the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and to be able to spend some time with my granddaughter who is lucky enough to live in the heart of the Peak district.
This newsletter is for you people out there, so feel free to contribute even if it is just for a sale or want it helps to fill the page. Keep an eye out for a certain black Ford Pop, the ex Caudle / Turner machine is in new hands and they promise to get it out on the hills and not just polish it.

Windwhistle Motor Club Need Marshals For Their Bovey Trial 2017

We have received a call for marshals from Anna Robinson who’s part of the Windwhistle Motor Club, for their Bovey Trial in April;

Windwhistle Motor Club Ltd – 11th Bovey Down Single Venue Classic Trial

Sunday 30th April 2017

Bovey Down Woods, MR 192:203,912 / SY 20330 91182 / 50.714788N, 3.1298376W

This year, our trial will be run on the May Day Bank Holiday weekend at the end of April. This is to allow a 2 week gap after the Lands End trial. We continue to develop this event and are looking to introduce yet another two new sections again this year.

There will be a local charitable catering marquee on site all day. Bacon rolls pasties and homemade cakes etc. And a toilet facility.

However, we need marshals – we are looking for a minimum of 30 to be able to run all these sections, so if you are not planning to enter, why not make up a car-full and have a good day’s motorsport in East Devon.

Please contact me if you can come along…..

Anna Robinson – 07780787529

Northgate Trial 2017 Regs and Entry Form

The regulations and entry form for the Northgate Trial 2017 are now available to download below.

Northgate Trial 2017 Entry Form (320 downloads) (Right Click Save Link As) Northgate Trial 2017 Regs (347 downloads)

The trial will take place on Sunday 2nd April 2017 at Trecarne Farm, Delabole, Camelford, Cornwall, PL33 9DG (map ref.
200/058 854) by kind permission of Roland Uglow and family.

Windwhistle Motor Club Need Marshals For Their Bovey Trial 2016

We have received a call for marshals from Anna Robinson who’s part of the Windwhistle Motor Club, for their Bovey Trial in April;

We are now into March, and it is just a few short weeks away to the 10th Bovey Down Single Venue Clubsport Classic Car Trial – to be held on Sunday 17th April 2016.
It is at the same venue as last year, Bovey Down, which is near Seaton, Devon…… Map Ref: – 192/203913.
Last year saw the introduction of a couple of new sections, which were very exciting and were well received. This year, WWMC hopes to set up even more!! However, there will be a number of the faithful sections, including Normans Hump and Clinton, (both of which are used on the MCC Exeter Trial) and competitors will have several attempts at all these sections. More sections will require more marshals, and to run this trial, at least 30 marshals will be needed. If you are not planning to enter this trial, and you are available, you will be very much welcomed and your help very much appreciated as a marshal. Why not make up a car full and bring some mates with you…. There will be the usual catering van with its excellent food, and a portaloo for comfort stops will be on site throughout the day. This is a fun and popular and growing event, so come along and marshal and be a part of it.
Please contact me at or phone 07780787529
Anna Robinson

Our Next Event – Awards Evening

Presentation of Awards followed by a Free Buffet (donations to the club’s selected charity are welcome), Prize Draw, Trials Films, a chance to chat and a family evening.

So that we have an idea of the numbers for catering, If you would like to attend please phone;

Pat Gomm – 01566 784348
Or Warin Kelly – 01822 870393

The Venue;

The Winds of Change,
South Petherwin,
Launceston PL15 7LP,

For directions to the venue please click on this link and follow the presented instructions.

Additionally we’re pleased to announce that we are now on Facebook. Please follow this link and like our page