A Message from Dick Peachey Regarding The Deregulations Bill

Representing the MCC I attended the LARA Steering Committee meeting on Wednesday during which the forthcoming Deregulations Bill was the major agenda item. This is potentially the biggest threat to our sport since the NERC Act in 2006, but the threat is potentially much more serious.
In essence we anticipate that the ‘antis’ intend to hijack this Bill during its passage through Parliament with the intention of having all unsealed roads and BOATS (Byways Open To All Traffic) downgraded to Restricted Byway status. This will have a hugely negative impact on classic trials and will make many of our existing events impossible to organise in the future.
We have very little time to get ourselves organised and this email has one specific request.
We need just one person in every Parliamentary constituency who is prepared to actually visit their MP or, if not, write to their MP and present our case. You will be provided with complete backup information from LARA and support from the representatives of other LARA member organisations in the same constituency.
However I need the name of that person within the next two weeks.
LARA is doing a lot of lobbying at a Parliamentary level but we need to have a team of grass roots activists in place well before they are needed. Please do not assume someone else will do this. The information required in the first place comes under the following headings:
Name of constituency
Name of MP
Name of constituent
Contact email address of constituent
If you are prepared to assist in this important matter please let me know the relevant contact details asked for above. My email is dickpeachey@talktalk.net
Dick Peachey
Chairman of The Motorcycling Club