Spry Trophy Trial 2017 Regs & Entry Form

The regulations and entry form for The Spry Trophy Trial 2017 are now available to download below.

Spry Trial 2017 Entry Form MS Word (343 downloads) (Right Click Save As) Spry Trial 2017 Entry Form PDF (400 downloads) Spry Trial 2017 Regulations (390 downloads)

The trial will take place on Sunday 29th January 2017 at Trevilla Farm, Marshgate, Camelford, PL32 9YN (Map. Ref. 190/145911) by kind permission of David Langley.

3 thoughts on “Spry Trophy Trial 2017 Regs & Entry Form

  1. Hi, I’ve just put in my entry for this trial and wondered if you had any idea of the mileage involved? I wasn’t sure if I needed to take extra fuel and where it could be left should I need to re-fuel.
    Neil Pardoe

    • Hi, The event is a single venue event at Trevilla Farm, Marshgate. there will probably be 6 sections each attempted 3 times during the day . Milleage will be small. the start is at the farm so you can safely leave any extra fuel in your transport.
      Warin Kelly

  2. Thank You, It will be my first actual trial, apart from the testing trial last early August last year, so I’m a little green……..

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