Lewdown Area

Eastcott & Lew Woods
Map Ref: 201/461846
United Kingdom

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  • 2 thoughts on “Lewdown Area

    1. Hello, As a keen photographer I was attracted to the Launceston Trial Classic at Lewdown Area but was extremely disappointed and missed the event because I simply could not find it. The address given on your website is Eastcott & Lew Woods but this is not an address registered on Maps and the postcode given, PL16 is too general.
      I made my way to Lewdown but could not find and signs to the event nor did any of the local people I asked know where the event was taking place.
      I tried to make my way to Chilliton but again to no avail.
      I should be grateful that if any further events at this location be better signposted or details of the route from Lewdown be posted. Many thanks, Dan Foote

      • Hi Dan, sorry you missed the event. We realise the location on the calendar is a bit vague. I’ve added a map reference to the location on the calendar. I’ll look into seeing if I can link map references to google maps. The event takes place in a large wood just off the road between Chillaton and Lewdown.

        Just so you know for next time, each event has a set of regs which contains a map reference for the event location. You can find the regs in the Documents section of the website. Hopefully, We’ll see you at future events.

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