February 2019 Newsletter

 Monthly Newsletter February 2019

Here we are already into the second month of the year and just to remind us all it’s Winter we as you will know have experienced significant snow fall but at least it isn’t on a weekend when we have an event planned.

From the club committee members point of view it has been a disappointing start to the year in that we had to cancel the Spry Sporting Trial due to lack of entries. This cancellation makes it even more important that members and non members attend the special meeting on the 28th of this month at Trethorne https://www.trethorneleisure.com/ to discuss the future of our club and the activities/events it puts on. The meeting starts at 8.00PM with tea and coffee being available from 7.30pm. For those travelling from afar there is a restaurant within the complex should you wish to indulge in something more substantial before the meeting.

On the 10th of this month is the Launceston Trial, held as a single venue classic trial for cars and bikes at the Eastcott Woods area not far from Lewdown, entries are due to close by the middle of the preceeding week so if you wish to enter you need to get a move on, the easiest way being the on line entry system via the club website. Those of you who are not entering and have some time to spare we are hoping you will volunteer to marshal, Warin Kelly is sat by the telephone awaiting your call on 01822 870393. Go on ring him, make his day !

2019 Calendar of Events

February 10th Launceston Trial Lewdown

March 29th Presentation of Awards with buffet at Trethorne, + Films

March 31st Northgate Sporting Trial, Ashleigh , Lifton

April 4th Club AGM, all welcome

July 7th Motor Traders Trial, Waterloo Farm, North Petherwin

August 11th Testing Production Trial, Cannaframe

September 15th David Ayers Sporting Trial, Trevilla Farm, Marshgate

October 20th Tamar Classic Road Trial

December 28th Ron Beer Sporting Trial, Harrowbarrow

As you can see the committee have a full range of events taking place throughout the year, but it has to be stressed that this is run by “that same old committee” in other words it would be great to have a few new faces joining us if only to keep us awake during some of the less interesting items in the meetings (not that there are many). Why not come along to the AGM , if only to voice your opinion on aspects of the club workings and maybe throw in a few fresh ideas.

In other news – after my mention in the last newsletter of possibly boosting the Dellow’s performance with a supercharger I was amazed at getting some responses which were much appreciated (even more proof that some of you read this minor offering) and I now have a Shorrock Supercharger on the garage workbench waiting to be fitted. It seemed such a harmless idea to fit a blower but as with all these things the job grows. It won’t fit on the side of the engine next to the inlet so it’s going the other side once I have finished mounting the alternator on the opposite side from where it has happily sat for the last six years. I am however very fortunate to have a small engineering company next door to me, neighbour Joe made me a lovely three belt pulley, all turned out of a single piece of steel bar, no going back now.

If you’ve got a specialist small engineering job that needs doing I can highly recommend these guys :- https://www.facebook.com/southweststeam/

Stay warm and don’t forget to send in contributions billjan299@gmail.com



December 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the December edition of your newsletter which seems to be going from strength to strength. I have recently been musing about when I used to produce the newsletter for the club some 20 to 30 years ago, this was a particularly laborious affair. Once all the copy had been collected, then typed up (on a typewriter, thank you Viv) and put into a form where it made an even number of pages it was then photocopied, then collated into an actual newsletter, then Vivien and I would do all the stuffing of envelopes , then put all the stamps on ( that would be expensive now) and finally post. This is where I actually like modern technology, I can (and do as you are already aware of) type whatever, send it to Jonathan Kelly, he puts it into the electronic mailing system and it’s gone, bliss.

With the Tamar Trial all done and dusted apart from Brian Alexander’s excellent report it’s looking forward to the Ron Beer Sporting trial on the 27th of this month at Harrowbarrow near Callington, yes once again we need marshals so do phone Mike Wevill 01566 784451 and ease his load, and it will also help to clear the head after all those Christmas festivities.

Straight into the New year there is the MCC Exeter Trial. I have entered the Dellow and assuming it doesn’t throw another tantrum I hope to be competing , let’s face it two abandoned events in succession would be very embarrassing especially as passenger Phil journeys all the way from the Midlands down to Cornwall just to spend a soggy wet night in the car with me in the name of “motorsport”. Don’t feel too sorry for him , he’s a biker and the Dellow is as close to luxury as it gets.

Following on from our Chairman Warin Kelly’s article in the last newsletter there has been a positive move towards a number of people wanting to attend the special meeting to discuss the future of our club and motorsport in general, this obviously not only affects our club but all motor clubs. The date is set for February 28th , the venue will shortly be announced.

Don’t forget I need your contributions for this newsletter no matter how big or small, once I run out of things to say about the Dellow I shall start to talk about my other motoring passion, Scooters, Lammies RuleJ billjan299@gmail.com

Diary dates

December 27th Ron Beer Sporting Trial

January (2019) 17th Committee Meeting

January 27th Spry Sporting Trial

February 10th Launceston Classic Trial

February 28th Special Meeting

March 29th Presentation of Awards evening.

January 4th/5th M.C.C. Exeter Trial.

Before I hand you over to Brian and his excellent Tamar report I would like on behalf of the committee to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy , healthy New Year, hopefully sparing more than a thought for those who may not be enjoying the festive season as much as we hope to.

Launceston & North Cornwall Motor Club Tamar Trial

The increasing popularity of class 5 was again demonstrated in Launceston’s splendid Tamar Trial. 4 Suzuki X 90s were supplemented by 3 Reliant Scimitars, two Mazda MX5s and one each of MG, BMW, SAAB and Porsche (although John Cox’s 924 actually failed to make the start) With 12 of the 34 car entry in class 5 it also provided the top 3 overall positions, with remarkable performances by Dave & Aaron Haizelden and Steve Kingstone. Dave’s overall winning 2.5 litre Ford-powered white Scimitar SS dropping only 3 points all day, 6 less than Aarons 2 litre green example, with Steven’s beautifully prepared Blue MG Midget only a further 5 points behind.

Best of the Suzuki’s by a country mile, and surprisingly ahead of Ian Facey’s supercharged BMW (on 26), was Nick Deacon on 21 points which deservedly earned him the best Japanese car award, well ahead of the Mazda challengers.

The new Tresmeer start venue on the edge of Bodmin Moor proved an excellent choice, conveniently close to the finish venue at Wilsey down for trailers. The delicious all you can eat breakfast was a great improvement on bacon baps, and was superbly organised and cooked by the local villagers . Dawn saw a beautiful sunrise and the promise of a glorious day in lesser known parts of the Cornish countryside. Early morning mists soon developed in the valleys however and persisted well into the morning. Those like myself anticipating an easy trial due to the recent dry conditions were soon disillusioned, few sections were exactly a walk in the park, and the numerous restarts soon began to take their toll.

A new section, Tanks Terror certainly lived up to its name. This fiercely steep climb out of a river bank defeated all but Dan Keat’s Fugitive and Dave Haizelden’s Reliant. Here we encountered the only significant hold up in the trial but this was due to competitors being allowed to reccy the section, greatly appreciated as the sinuous route along the river bed would have otherwise confused most.

The notorious Angel Steps were as formidable as ever, stopping most of the entry. The exceptions were Dan Keat and Paul Merson in class 8, Peter Hart in class 7 and the Class 5 cars of Dave and Aaron Haizelden and the redoubtable Steve Kingston , the class not actually benefitting that much from not having to restart. The amazingly competitive X90 of Nick Deacon also looked as if it was going to make it but suddenly came to a halt after bouncing into the air on the vicious step after the restart. Apparently this was caused by the air cleaner falling off. This upset the management system which shut the engine down! Sometimes modern technology can be a minus. (maybe often in fact.)

Having lost the ability to change gear after attempting Lew Wood 1 due to a clutch which now refused to disengage, my navigator Tim Edwards wisely persuaded me to retire the X90 and proceed to the lunch stop, having found that progress was still feasible providing one stopped the engine to engage a gear! On our way we encountered the irrepressible and ever cheerful Simon Oates by the roadside with a broken diff. in his much campaigned Triumph based Torum. Thus we didn’t witness the conditions on most of the later sections but Trehole apparently stopped everybody and the restarts on Park Impossible , New Langleys and the last section Trevilla all defeated the whole of class 8. The all classes restart on the favourite Lands End section at Crackington, was responsible for destroying my diff on last years Tamar (and I suspect may have been the reason for the 3rd and last retirement of the day, that of Nick Symons in the green MX5) and was cleared by only 14 cars.

Class 7 and 8 were set some very difficult restarts, successfully intended to offset the expected dry conditions. Top of class 8, and 4th overall, was the UVA Fugitive of Dan Keat on 19, 5 points ahead of Paul Merson in the ex Charlie Shropland Special with Simon Woodall’s VW buggy in 3rd place.
Peter Hart put up an impressive performance in the Marlin to head class 7 on 22 points ahead of a very close battle between the revived ex Simon Riddle Arkley now campaigned by the promoting club’s Adrian Booth (32) and the very well sorted Liege of Ray and Hannah Ferguson (33) from Wantage.

Class 3 saw a very closely fought battle between Matt Facey’s BMW 318 and Phil Parkers Mk 1 Escort with Matt on 43 points eventually edging it by 1 point, mainly by virtue of his excellent climb on Angel steps. 3rd in class was the valiant Anglia estate driven by Paul Gillo.

The era of the all conquering VW Beetles seems to be on the decline these days, class 4 fielded just two 1300 examples although Craig Allen’s winning score of 34 was good enough for 13th position overall, while the only big-engined example was the sole class 6 entry, that of Mike Smith who had travelled down from Birmingham. 22nd overall on 53 points.

In class 1 James Shallcross, dominant in the awesome Peugeot 205 ever since Dave Haizelden moved to class 5, was 15th overall on 36 his only opposition coming from the venerable SAAB 96 of Nigel Martin Oakley adding historic interest to the entry.

Even more venerable was the single class 2 entry, the ever competitive green MG J2 of Bill & Liz Bennett (to say nothing of the crew) who, on 28 points, finished a meritorious 9th overall, earning them the Club Cup.

Our journey home was successfully accomplished sans clutch, the Suzuki quite happy in 3rd gear all the way. All in all a highly enjoyable day in the Cornish countryside at its best. Full marks and many thanks to the organising team and all the marshals for another challenging and splendidly organised trial which certainly sorted the men from the boys.

(Since writing this I have discovered that our problem was that the clutch pressure plate had actually snapped in half, so not surprising that it would not free, not an original Suzuki part I should add)

Brian Alexander

November Newsletter

Well another month has flown by and here I am writing to you all again, I can say all as I have it on good authority that there is more than one reader!

Last month saw us hosting one of our biggest events of the year the Tamar Trial, with an entry of 60 it was all systems “go”, our new start venue at Tresmeer Village Hall seemed to go down well with many of the competitors and marshals taking advantage of the £6.00 all you can eat breakfast, much to the relief of the hall volunteers, some of whom turned up at 5.00 am to get the cooking under way, the Hall is now £300.00 better off so thanks to all.

The route covered approximately 75 miles with a good variety of sections to try and catch out the unwary but David Haizelden was on the ball (unlike his trailer) and only dropped 3 points all day to take the overall win in the car classes. Andrew Kearns took the solo motorcycle class and Alan Wear won the class for the motorcycle combinations. The event finished well within daylight which has always been a concern of the organising committee, so all good. Special thanks to Adrian Booth for lending me his Land Rover for the opening vehicle.

The ACTC are looking to restructure and are looking to meet with members of the trialling community to listen and hear what they have to contribute to this vital and ongoing process.

It has been suggested that if our club and its members would like to arrange a venue then they will arrange a mutually agreeable date and time to have an informal discussion and exchange of ideas, hopefully this can happen.

Anyone wanting to contact ACTC should do so by speaking to, or emailing Carl Talbot (Chairman), Pete Hart (Vice Chairman) or Bill Bennett (Secretary).

Forthcoming Events

The Ron Beer Sporting trial is on the 27th of December at Harrowbarrow. Regs for this are on the website and you can even do an online entry, no more putting forms and a cheque in the post, but if you are volunteering to marshal you will need to “ring” Mike Wevill 01566 784451 ( I’ll get his email address one day).

Spry Sporting Trial on the 27th of January 2019 at Trevilla Farm, Marshgate.

February 28th 2019 we are having a special meeting open to all club members to ascertain the future direction of the LNCMC, your support is needed. Chairman Warin Kelly has written a special piece on this, venue to be decided upon.

In my last newsletter I mentioned I was off to do the MCC Edinburgh trial safe in the knowledge that the Dellow was declared fit, what a mistake !! Son-in-law Matt and myself.set off at 1.00am from Darley Dale for the run down to Tamworth Services arriving at around 2.25 and was duly scrutineered and signed on. We left at 3.30 am as per our time and travelled about fifty yards when the gearbox jammed up, after a failed attempt to fix it, it was back in to the services for another cup of hot chocolate and at 4.00am call the recovery service. After much procrastinating on their part and waiting for them to find a driver (you know how hard it is finding a lorry driver in the Midlands) a vehicle finally turned up at 8.30 and we were loaded and on our way back to Darley Dale. So after breakfast it was off to watch competitors at Excelsior and what might have been, hey ho motorsport teaches you to be philosophic.

Don’t forget that if you would like to contribute to this epistle it would be most welcome.


And now a word from our chairman regarding the future of the club;

In our committee meetings over the last year or so one concern has kept coming up, namely falling entries and the increasing difficulty of finding marshals and people to take on the key roles in events with their increasing bureaucratic demands.

That’s more than one concern you may say, but it comes down to one thing, what is the future of our grass roots sport? This is relevant to other clubs as well as ourselves and raises many questions.

Entries are falling in all our events.  Championship Classic Trials, BTRDA Trials formula events, ASWMC production car trials (no championship contender entered our round this year), and our closed to Club events (with the exception of the Launceston) get a very poor entry. Are we running events that present competitors want? What do the up and coming generation want? Is the expense of a competitive vehicle, entry costs etc getting too high for our competitors? Or is it just a blip at the moment?

Often we seem to clash with other clubs events. Not always the same type of event but nevertheless a clash divides the pool of competitors and marshals. Are we trying to run too many events? Do we need to make more effort to coordinate the whole calendar?

Is Sunday the best day for events? What about evening events in the summer? (As used to happen). Shorter more intensive events?

Marshalls generally are getting older, and less mobile. Where is the next generation? Actually not the next generation who are probably already in their 50s, but the following generation with all their enthusiasm of youth.

The same question can be asked about committee members and event organizers.

Are there too many Clubs? or should we work together more to run group or inter club events?

Have our events had their day? What sort of events do people want?  Is there a generational split? 

We cater for both bikes and cars. Is there a difference between what each would like?

With so many other things going on in our lives is our sport needed any longer?   Is it right to continue in these days of global warming?

In order to discuss such questions and look to our future we have decided to hold an open meeting on Thursday  28th February next year. It is clear that other clubs are experiencing similar problems so we will be extending an invitation to all the local clubs as well as ACTC and will welcome anyone with imaginative ideas for our sport.  People we have spoken to so far have responded positively and we hope this meeting will be the start of wider discussion.  The venue will be advised in due course.

If you have any comments on this matter please feel free to post them on our club face book page.

Or send  them to John Turner at billjan299@gmail.com who will be happy to include them in our newsletter.

If you will be coming to the meeting please ring me Warin Kelly on 01822 870393, or Pat Gomm on 01566 784348, so that we can get an idea of numbers and select a suitable venue.



Club Newsletter – September 2018

After a prolonged absence, our newsletters are making a return. This is thanks to John Turner who has taken the time to compile this months newsletter.

We aim to be putting out the newsletters on a monthly basis. If you would like to contribute anything to one of the newsletters then please feel free to email John at johnturner@lncmc.co.uk

This months newsletter can be downloaded at the link below;

Newsletter September 2018 (165 downloads)